Asset Management

Comprehensive hardware and software asset management services, designed to manage your customers’ IT networking assets and contracts.

Renewals Management

Multi-vendor renewals management with quoting and selling support, designed to maximize your recurring revenue.

Who are you?


Service provider

Solutions designed to enhance your customers’ digital journey.


Value-added reseller

Solutions that will maximize your revenue and margin performance by transforming your customer experience.


Networking equipment or software vendor

Solutions created for unified lifecycle management and recurring revenue performance throughout your channel.

Unified source of truth: governance and translation

For enterprises to accurately maintain their install bases, data elements from multiple sources need to be combined, translated and governed.

This enables economies of scale and the business outcomes of a mature International Standards Organization (ISO/IEC 19770) compliant ITAM practice.

Learn how to leverage translation, governance and a Unified Source of Truth to build a mature ITAM practice and transform your offering.

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Drive Business

Drive business outcomes by accelerating the digital journey

We help your organization navigate the complex challenges of the lifecycle management journey. Create and unify your customers’ sources of truth, align your channel and forge a new path towards increased revenue.

Discover how to increase your organization’s IT Asset Management maturity and achieve real business outcomes.

What we’re thinking at RAY ALLEN

Read our latest whitepaper about the challenges of software license management and subscriptions in the IT networking industry, written by Ben Strickland. Ben is RAY ALLEN’s senior director of product management and the ITAM Review’s 2021 ITAM Excellence “Professional of the Year” award winner.


Read the latest insights around IT Asset Management, the IT critical infrastructure and networking industry, and digital transformation from RAY ALLEN.

Uneven Stones

ITAM Review’s “Professional of the Year” Excellence Award for 2021

Ben Strickland, RAY ALLEN’s Senior Director of Product Mgmt, won the ITAM Review’s “Professional of the Year” Excellence Award for 2021. Ben has received this award for all of his contributions to the ITAM industry, including: Leading the design, development, and business case for a next-generation ITAM system architectural design,[…]

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Lifecycle And Insights

Asset Lifecycle and Insights: Make Your Data Work for You

Organizations invest in IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions to obtain key business benefits, including cost savings, revenue growth, customer satisfaction and reduced security risk. To achieve these business goals, it is important to know the difference between lifecycle and insights; how the “10-foot view” – the asset lifecycle – can[…]

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Unlock Recurring Revenue Potential

Unlock Recurring Revenue Potential with IT Asset Management

Recurring revenue is critical to the success of modern businesses, as it is predictable and can account for a large portion of overall profit. However, managing recurring revenue – in particular, renewals – can be a long and laborious process, taking up an inordinate amount of time and resources. In[…]

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